Strengthening Families 10-14

Strengthening Families 10 -14

is a seven-week program that can help you and your family build on your strengths and prepare for the exciting and challenging transition to adolescence and junior high. This program is designed to reinforce lines of communication and decision-making skills that are essential in preventing teen substance abuse and other behavior problems.

It is an interesting and fun way for youth and their caregivers to:

♦ Learn ways to show love and support.

♦ Discuss what makes your family strong.

♦ Solve problems together.

♦ Prepare for the teen years.

The program is staffed by trained facilitators, and is designed with busy families in mind, to help you make the most of your available time while preparing for this important milestone in your young person's -- and your family's -- life!


Designed and used with ethnically diverse families in rural and urban settings.

Scientifically evaluated and shown to be effective.

Recognized by four federal agencies: National Institute of Drug Abuse, US Department of Education, US Department of Justice (OJJDP) and US Department of Health and Human Services (CSAP)

For more information contact Leslie Wilkins at (607) 756-8970 ext 255 or