Chelsea Moroski

Chelsea Moroski is the Project Coordinator at The Center while also finishing her Master’s degree in Social Work. Chelsea identifies as a motivated, same-gender-loving, strong, easily amused, confident, cat-obsessed woman. She can never turn down a cup of coffee, but will always pass her bacon! She loves finding new ways to better support the LGBTQ+ community and couldn’t be happier at her new home at The Center! And cats.

Ethan Lewis

Ethan has proudly worked at the Cortland LGBT Resource Center for three years. He identifies as a genderqueer bisexual person. He has his Master’s in Social Work from Syracuse University. He loves bubbletea, horror films, reading, and knitting. His favorite part of working at the Cortland LGBT Resource Center is training health and human service professionals and working on social networking! And he loves cats. Every kind of cat. And he wants to hug all of them.