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Marijuana is the dried flowers, seeds & leaves of the Indian hemp plant.

Hashish (Hash) is made form the resins of the same plant & is typically more potent.

Also called "Pot" this drug is classified as a Hallucinogen-this means this plant is able to distort how the brain perceives the world around you.

The primary chemical in Marijuana that causes the targeted effects is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) although there are hundreds of other chemicals in the plant, including 50-70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco.

Immediate Effects:

*rapid heart rate
*lack of coordination
*depression & sleepiness
*panic attacks

Long-Term Effects:

*brain abnormalities
*change in structure of sperm cells
* interference with menstrual cycle
* diminished mental functions
*premature labor in women who are pregnant & undersized fetus
*hereditary damage to babies born with mothers who used while pregnant
*reduced resistance to common illness (like the flu)
*rapid destruction of lung fibers
*Personality & mood changes