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Inhalants are vapors or gasses inhaled into the lungs in order to reach a fast high.

There are several types of inhalants including:

Liquids: paint thinners, degreasers, gasoline, glues, correction fluids, and markers
Sprays: spray paint, deodorant & hair sprays, vegetable oil sprays & fabric sprays
Gasses: medical anesthetics (ether, chloroform & nitrous oxide), butane, propane, whipped cream dispensers, refrigerants.
Nitrates: compounds found in food preservatives also in leather cleaner & room deodorizers.

Other names for inhalants include:

Air Blast, Amys, Huff, Snappers, Laughing Gas, Snotballs, Bolt, Spray, Boppers, Bullet, Moon Gas, Oz, Whippets, Poppers, Whiteout, Rush Snappers.

Basically inhalants go into the body, absorb into the lungs and essentially replace the body's oxygen with what ever vapor is being used.

Short-Term Effects:

Slurred Speech
Drunk or dizzy appearance
loss of coordination
impaired judgment
severe headaches
rashes surrounding the nose or mouth or both
irregular or rapid heart rate

Long-Term Effects:

muscle weakness
lack of coordination
heart, liver, kidney, lung & brain damage
memory loss & issues with memory
bone marrow damage

Sudden Sniffing Death!!!
This is a condition in which death can occur instantly and on any occasion of use, whether it's the first time or the 100th time using these drugs.