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Click on the image and be brought to a website that classifies Ecstasy and its multitude of indigence.

Ecstasy is in its original form MDMA. Today most Ecstasy found on the streets may contain little to no actual MDMA but a combination of other drugs like Methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, dog deworming medication, and many others.

Most commonly Ecstasy comes in pill form but can also be crushed and injected or other ways.

Liquid Ecstasy is actually GHB, classified as a depressant.

Street names for Ecstasy are: Beans, California Sunrise, E, Essence, Elephants, Eve, Hug Drug, Love Pill, X, XTC


*desensitizes the body's natural warning signals, telling you when you are overheated
*severe depression
*reduced ability to concentrate
*sleep, mood & anxiety issues
*tremors & twitches
*memory problems
involuntary teeth clenching
*blurred vision

Long-Term Effects:

*brain damage
*degenerative nerve branches & nerve endings
*kidney failure