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Alcohol is a drug!

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is the type of alcohol used in beverages and is produced by the fermentation process of a variety of grains, fruits & vegetables.

Alcohol is a Central Nervous System Depressant which means that it slows down all of the vital functioning of the body, including: breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, a persons ability to perceive what it happening around them, slurred speech, unsteady movement and an inability to react quickly to risky situations.

Most people drink alcohol for its stimulant effects and don't realize that the after effects are not stimulating.

Binge Drinking:

Binge Drinking is a serious problem, especially in younger drinkers and is defined as:
For women: 4 or more drinks during a single occasion. (CDC)
For men: 5 or more drinks in a single occasion. (CDC)
note: just because some one binge drinks, does NOT mean they are an alcoholic or have a dependency disorder.

Alcohol Content

Any standard drink in the United States is considered to contain 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol. These can all be considered to have the same amount of alcohol and are each one standard drink!

Short-Term Effects

Short-Term effects of alcohol on the body will vary depending on how much is consumed & the persons physical condition but can include the following:
*Slurred Speech
*Upset stomach
*Difficulty Breathing
* Blurred vision & distorted hearing
*Impaired Judgement
*Lowered perception & coordination
* Unconsciousness

Long-Term Effects:

*Unintentional injuries (especially resulting from Driving While Intoxicated) such as burns, falls & drownings
*Other injuries such as: firearm injuries,sexual assault & domestic violence
*Loss of productivity in either school or work
*Increase in family problems & relationship problems
*Alcohol poisoning
*High blood pressure, stroke & other heart related issues
*Variety of Liver diseases
*Nerve damage
* Permanent brain damage
*A deficiency of Vitamin B
*Variety of Cancers

The following people should not consume ANY alcohol:
*Women who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant
*Taking any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) medication that may cause side effects when consumed with alcohol
*ANY one younger than the age of 21! This is the law
*Some one in recovery from Alcoholism or isn't able to control their consumption
*Suffering from a serious medical condition that alcohol will worsen
*ANY one planing on driving or operating machinery or participating in activities that require coordination & alertness for safety